iPhone 7 Battery Extender Case w/ 3.5mm Headphone Jack (2400mAH)

iPhone 7 Battery Extender Case w/ 3.5mm Headphone Jack (2400mAH)

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Power Plus Cases is excited to be the first manufacturer to bring back the audio jack! Our brand-new iPhone 7 2400mAH battery extender case features a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to plug-in your headphones without any dongles or adapters needed. Use your favorite pair of headphones the same way you did with all previous iPhones and get rid of the unnecessary adapters. You can even charge your phone, charge the battery case, and listen to music all at the same time!

    No Extra Cables Needed! This battery case charges and syncs using your Apple Lightning Cable. We offer the only iPhone 7 battery extender cases that do not require any extra cables for charging. Get rid of all additional cables and adapters!

    Get full protection for your iPhone 7 with this stylish, lightweight, and protective battery case. Surf the internet, watch movies, play games, send emails, and talk for hours longer on your iPhone 7 using this super affordable battery case designed exclusively for the iPhone 7!

    Power Plus has designed the lightest and thinnest battery charging case ever made. This light-weight case keeps your phone charged while on-the-go. This case delivers more than 122% extra battery with the press of a button. With its slim profile yet sturdy design, this case will never disappoint you!

    The iPhone 7 contains an internal 1960mAH battery. This iPhone 7 battery extender case offers an additional 2400mAH battery; over one times (1X) the capacity! Get a total of 4360mAH of battery power and up to an additional 122% of extra battery life!

    Our battery cases feature high quality, lithium polymer, batteries that are guaranteed to offer you maximum power and durability! Don't settle for battery cases with cheap, low quality, batteries that will only last you weeks and may cause damage to your phone.

    Product Features:

    • Exclusively designed for iPhone 7
    • The world's first case with a 3.5mm headphone jack
    • Plug headphones directly into the built-in jack to use
    • No adapters or additional cables are needed
    • Receive up to 122% of additional battery life
    • A total of 4360mAH of power
    • Case doubles your iPhone's battery capacity 
    • Ultra lightweight and thin case offering maximum power
    • Hard shell protective case offering maximum protection
    • Full body coverage to protect your iPhone 7 from damage 
    • Fully supports Apple's lightning cable for charging and synching
    • Easy access to all controls
    • No need to ever remove your phone from the case
    • Simply slide in your phone and go
    • Side port and camera openings built directly into case
    • On and off button on the back of the battery case
    • LED lights on back of case to display battery status of case
    • High quality lithium polymer battery designed for 500+ cycles
    • Full Manufacturer's Warranty & Free Shipping
    • Available in black only

    To Use:

    1. Slide the top piece off the case and slide your phone in, lining up the lightning connector located at the bottom of the battery case. Slide the top piece back on to case to fully secure your iPhone 7
    2. Press and release the power button located on the back of the case to begin using the 2400 mAH battery built inside of the case. Press and release this power button at anytime to stop using the 2400 mAH battery and begin using your phone's internal battery 
    3. Plug your lightning cable into the bottom of the battery case to recharge both your phone's internal battery and the battery case. To recharge both devices you will need to press and hold the power button located on the battery case to activate the connection between the phone and case after the case has been plugged into a power source. If you simply plug-in the case to a power source without pressing the power button only the case itself will recharge.

    About Power Plus Cases:

    Power Plus takes pride in offering the largest selection of the most powerful battery cases available online. You can rest assured you are purchasing a long-lasting, superior quality, battery case designed exclusively for your mobile phone. All of our cases only feature the highest quality lithium polymer batteries designed for a minimum of 500 complete recharges. We also construct our cases using only premium quality materials to ensure durability and maximum protection for your phone. Every case we sell is backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee and includes a complete manufacturer's warranty protecting you against any defects. We challenge you to compare the battery capacity and price of our cases to any of our competitors. Power Plus guarantees to offer you more power for less money! 

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